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Beaches accessible by commuter rail and the T

Unfortunately, if you don’t have a car, there are few beaches easily accessibly by public transport. By T (the subway): the easiest beaches in Boston to reach by T are Revere Beach, from the Wonderland stop on the Blue Line, and Carson Beach, from the JFK / UMass stop on the Red Line.  Revere Beach is […]

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Things to Do in Boston Today & Tonight

When I’m looking for Boston events, these are my go-tos I use to make last-minute plans for things to do today or later tonight. Although sometimes I’ll just use the Boston Globe’s event calendar, these usually help me find the good, fun events faster. Yelp’s events calendar – Yelp actually has an events section, in addition to […]

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How to Make Friends in Boston

So you’re looking for friends in Boston. Maybe you just moved here, maybe you just graduated, or maybe you’re just looking for a new crowd. The good news is that in Boston, every day thousands of people are in the same boat. All you have to do is get out to the right places to […]

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5 Groups That Make Boston Fun

Whether you’re interested in expanding your social circle, breaking out of a rut, or just want to add some extra awesome to your life, you should know about some Boston-based groups that regularly organize great events. Banditos Misteriosos The organizers of International Pillow Fight Day, scavenger hunts, gift swaps, and watergun fights, these guys host […]

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Boston-area Spring Events You Don’t Want to Miss

In a city where we typically get over 30 inches of snowfall through the winter, the spring is a welcome return to enjoying Boston’s many public outdoor spaces. Events start blooming all around the city, and with so many to choose from, it’s worth making some recommendations for annual favorites: Earthfest – A yearly music festival […]

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Back to Boston after Georgia.

After a two week visit home (north Georgia, and a bit of visiting family in Florida), it’s great to be back in Boston. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot of things the south has that our area doesn’t: Waffle House (and other 24/7 diners). Sane drivers. Good barbecue. Yards. It’s interesting that Boston is very […]

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Started 2012 with a polar bear plunge. This will be a year of Boston adventures.

Polar Bear Plunge - Did this in Boston!

Happy new year everyone! You know the year is going to be a good one when you start it with […]

More Boston holiday events & craft fairs coming up

Despite the dropping temperatures, some parts of Boston are keeping busy. You can find hundreds of events on Yelp and […]

Slowing down as Boston gets colder

Boston Winter Transition

Though Snowmageddon is biding it’s time, hoping to catch us off guard, the temperature and early sunsets definitely have Boston […]

How to Find an Apartment in Boston

Boston Apartments Rent Map

Whether you’re moving to the Boston area or a resident looking for a new place, finding the right apartment can […]