Oath Pizza, in Davis Square

I have a new food crush: Oath Pizza.

It’s 2018 now, and it’s time for me to admit I have a problem. Oath is turning me into a pizza addict again. They opened in Davis Square sometime last year, one of several locations across Boston apparently, and it’s managed to be right at that sweet spot of price / convenience / quality where I just can’t resist it.

I am not enough of a foodie to truly care about “avocado-oil-seared crusts” or “certified-humane” pizza ingredients or whatever that crazy salt & herb sprinkle they put on the pizza at the end is. What I care about is that this pizza is damn tasty. And at $6 for a half-pizza (they make 11″ pies), $11 for a full, it’s not even expensive compared to anything in the area other than Mike’s dough & cheese grease triangles.

All it takes to keep me going back time and again is their pepperoni, but there are a few other highlights worth mentioning:

  • they serve beer & wine as well. There’s not a ton of seating in the Davis location, but the table space they have + the casual atmosphere makes this a pretty good hang out space when you want drinks + pizza but don’t want to go as upscale as Foundry or deal with the usual wait at Flatbread / Sacco’s.
  • they have dessert pizza. This was a common thing where I’m from in Georgia but I don’t think I’ve seen even a handful of places in Boston that offer it. They also have breakfast pizzas, and a signature ‘Shrimpwrecked’ chili-spiced shrimp, black-bean, cilantro, & guacomole-drizzle pizza. So, some real variety for more-foodie types that don’t order the same thing constantly like me. 😊

The only thing that’s missing here is WiFi. They’ve got this great front-window bar seating area, and if they had WiFi it would be my go-to bite & beer, work & people-watching place. But other than that, 9/10 would recommend. If you’re looking for great pizza, check this place out.