Jay-in-Profile-Retouched-SquareWhat To Do Boston is an on-going collection of fun guides and resources written by me, Jay Neely. I moved to Boston nine years ago for the web startup scene, and as much as I’ve explored in Boston I’m always eager to find out more. I started What To Do Boston to encourage myself to learn more about the area, and do some good for others by answering some of the questions I had when I moved here, and some of the questions I still have as a resident.

I try to make this useful to a wide range of people, but the site is a one-man effort, and I do focus on what I’m best able to provide personal perspective on. I live in Somerville, so much of the site content focuses on this side of the Charles. And I am a pretty geeky, laptop-toting business guy, so there are probably more articles on cafes and bookstores than clubs and sports arenas. If you’d like to see posts about something I haven’t written about, though, let me know! You can email me at jay @at@ jayneely .dot. com

If you’re also interested in Boston’s startup scene, check out my blog about life as a Boston entrepreneur.