How to Find a Job in Boston

Jobs in BostonBoston is the same land of opportunity it has been for centuries of settlers and citizens. So how can you find and get a job in Boston?

Finding Jobs in Boston

1. Never ignore Craigslist – The Craigslist jobs section for Boston has hundreds of jobs of all types posted daily. This is the cheapest recruitment tool available to employers (and recruiters acting on their behalf), and provides access to the widest audience. Don’t fail to check the appropriate category daily. Consider using one of many popular Craigslist monitoring tools to be notified by email when jobs matching keywords in the title or profession you’d like are posted.

2. Hit the big sites: and – Don’t bother with newspapers; both the Boston Globe and Boston Herald’s job sections are actually powered by You can not only search for jobs, but post your resume so that it can be found by HR departments and recruiters.

3. Professionals, use – A site specifically for white collar professional jobs, employers post here to save time weeding out resumes of under-qualified job seekers on mass sites. Great for jobs just past entry-level all the way up to top executive positions.

4. Check Boston’s largest employers – These companies have dedicated human resources portals that you can search for jobs on and apply through directly. You don’t have to be a doctor to work at Massachusetts General hospital or a teacher to work at Boston University; large companies of any kind hire a huge variety of support workers and professionals in departments not related to their core business.

5. Work at a startup – Small private businesses are actually where the most job growth comes from. Expect most startups to be looking for people with specific technical, marketing, operations, and sales skills. Check out my Boston Startups Guide site — it lets you sort startups in the area by if they’re hiring, industry, neighborhood, and more.

6. Work for the city. The city of Boston has over 17,000 employees, and always has open positions. From trade & mechanical jobs to executive professional jobs to people-person jobs, there’s a diverse set of opportunities. The city’s career center site lists every available position and has tools for applying directly.

7. Network (in-person and offline)! – Most people succeed in getting a job because people they know at the hiring company help them. In fact, a huge number of jobs are never even posted / publicly recruited for. Don’t just attend hiring fairs – go to events where the goal isn’t to get a job, but to build your professional network. The more people in your industry who know and like you, the more likely you are to get a referral to a company that’s hiring. In-person networking events, found through Eventbrite and Meetup, can be good opportunities. But don’t forget that Boston is a tech-savvy city. Presenting yourself professionally on LinkedIn and Twitter can help you be found and connect with others who will be talking about job opportunities.