MBTA Map and Guide

Quick Tips for Making the Best of the MBTA

MBTA Map and GuideIf you’re living here, you can quickly develop a love/hate relationship with the Boston public transportation system. Here are some quick tips to make the best of it:

  • If you have a smartphone, there are many apps available that can tell you when buses or subway trains will next arrive, show you bus routes, and warn you about delays or service changes.
  • Google Maps can give you directions that only include public transport options. These include departure / arrival times, and show multiple routes so you can choose what’s easiest for you.
  • “Link Passes”, available in weekly (7 days from time of purchase, for $18) or monthly (the calendar month you’re in at time of purchase, for $70) form, provide unlimited bus and subway rides for their duration — you can get these at any ticket kiosk, and they can save you a ton on bus and subway fare. There are other passes available that include unlimited commuter rail rides.
  • The MBTA is on twitter! Their main account and the Transit Police are two official accounts that regularly tweet and respond to commuters. And monitoring the #MBTA hashtag provides useful info, funny observations, and company for your occasional misery.
  • And on escalators, remember: stand on the right, walk on the left! =)