Things to Do in Boston Today & Tonight

When I’m looking for Boston events, these are my go-tos I use to make last-minute plans for things to do today or later tonight.¬†Although sometimes I’ll just use the Boston Globe’s event calendar, these usually help me find the good, fun events faster.

Doing Honkfest in Boston TonightYelp’s events calendar¬†– Yelp actually has an events section, in addition to all those reviews. And because it shows events that are popular with Boston Yelpers (generally a pretty nightlife savvy crowd), it can be a quick way to find the good stuff, instead of sorting through every event happening in the area. If you want to see what things other people are going to in Boston tonight, this is a good resource.

Songkick – Has a city page for the Boston area that lists what live music is happening tonight (and are coming up). They also have a pretty cool feature where if you’re on a band’s page, you can see upcoming shows in the area by similar bands, which is great for finding local bands / musicians who are similar to nationally-known music you like. If you’re looking for some live music, check this out.

TUGG Event in Boston TonightYour Facebook Events – If you’re living here, your Facebook events section often has “suggested events” – typically open events your friends have RSVPed to. This can actually be a great way to find fun open parties, good art shows, or festivals, depending on what your friends are into.’s Boston section – If you want to meet people, this has a big list of meetups happening today. Just scroll down to the current time and see what’s coming up. It’s a great resource for finding talks, workshops, and group outings.

/r/BostonSocialClub – a subreddit for Boston social events, this is a community of Bostonians planning get-togethers and sharing fun events. Just check for today’s date on link titles, plus the sidebar typically has a quick roundup of things to do today.

Hope you find these event resources as helpful as I have! Good luck finding something fun to do today.