Visited the Sketchbook exhibit at the Nave Gallery Annex, and got a tiny piece of art.

Header photo via Nave Gallery.

For the first time I checked out the Nave Gallery Annex, an art gallery space in Davis Square, just a few rooms in a house just behind Redbones. They’re showing their 2016 Sketchbook Show there until March 3rd. I rounded up some friends to take a look before grabbing drinks.

We went on Saturday, the day after the opening reception, because I guessed (correctly, yay!) it would be less crowded, and for me bringing a group in it was better for us to be able to talk freely while we checked out the art. But I do want to say if you’re looking for something fun to do with just a couple of friends or a date or by yourself, check out an opening reception for an exhibit at one of the galleries in the area. It’s almost always a good little crowd with a thoughtful, fun atmosphere.

Somerville Art Business CardThe art was cool, especially seeing a few sketches of things I recognized from around Davis Square. (And yes, drinks afterwards with friends was excellent — did you know there’s a secret back way up from the Saloon to the Foundry?) But I have to admit, my favorite art takeaway from the evening was a business card from Somerville designer Meagan O’Brien.

Somervillian Art WallI’ve never met her or heard of her before, but her business card was the perfect first addition of 2016 to the little art wall in my room. I’ve slowly pieced it together over the past couple of years, but this year I’m determined to really grow it. I’d love to have found art clips and little pieces from local artists spreading all across the wall.

I guess I better get out to some more galleries. =)