5 Groups That Make Boston Fun

Whether you’re interested in expanding your social circle, breaking out of a rut, or just want to add some extra awesome to your life, you should know about some Boston-based groups that regularly organize great events.

Banditos Misteriosos

The organizers of International Pillow Fight Day, scavenger hunts, gift swaps, and watergun fights, these guys host free open-to-all events in public spaces where hundreds gather to participate. These are particularly great events to get an existing group of friends out to. The Banditos have a mailing list that announces some new fun every other month or so, and check out their Facebook group for photos of previous events.

Boston Societies of Spontaneity

Remember those crazy flash mob videos you’ve seen on YouTube? Boston SOS actually does that kind of stuff, along with outdoor adventures, street art, and spontaneous support of good causes. If you’re looking for a crowd of spontaneous, fun-focused people, this is the crowd to join.

Awesome Foundation

Started in Boston, the Awesome Foundation provides a $1000 grant each month to awesome projects in each of its local chapters. What’s awesome? Everything from a giant hammock in the Common  to a cotton candy cannon to a mobile kitchen teaching kids about organic farming and healthy eating. The Awesome Foundation supports and celebrates people doing interesting things in the area, and frequently hosts parties to award the grants and provide a great social mixer.

Social Boston Sports

One of the best ways to make new friends in the area is through SBS. They organize parties, sports leagues, trips (rafting, to the beach, etc.), and more. Every month they have a free ‘Welcome Wednesday’ mixer at a local bar that’s a nice way to meet new people and get info about who’s up to what, but the real value of SBS is in finding a group of people that enjoy an active, social lifestyle.


You’ve hopefully heard of reddit, the “front page of the internet” social news site. The Boston sub-reddit is filled with local news, jokes, interesting questions, and fun events. Between /r/Boston and /r/BostonSocialClub, you can find a geeky crowd that’s up for everything from board games to snowball fights to D&D groups.

So there are five groups that make Boston fun; enjoy!