Things to Do in Boston Today & Tonight

When I’m looking for Boston events, these are my go-tos I use to make last-minute plans for things to do today or later tonight.¬†Although sometimes I’ll just use the Boston Globe’s event calendar, these usually help me find the good, fun events faster. Yelp’s events calendar¬†– Yelp actually has an events section, in addition to all those reviews. And because it shows events that are … Continue reading Things to Do in Boston Today & Tonight

Some Great Groups That Make Boston Fun

Whether you’re interested in expanding your social circle, breaking out of a rut, or just want to add some extra awesome to your life, these are some Boston social groups you should know about that regularly organize great events. Banditos Misteriosos The organizers of International Pillow Fight Day, scavenger hunts, gift swaps, and watergun fights, these guys host free open-to-all events in public spaces where … Continue reading Some Great Groups That Make Boston Fun

Boston-area Spring Events You Don’t Want to Miss

In a city where we typically get over 30 inches of snowfall through the winter, the spring is a welcome return to enjoying Boston’s many public outdoor spaces. Events start blooming all around the city, and with so many to choose from, it’s worth making some recommendations for annual favorites: The Boston Marathon – The world’s oldest annual marathon, this is New England’s most widely … Continue reading Boston-area Spring Events You Don’t Want to Miss

Boston winter snowman

How to Survive (and Enjoy) a Boston Winter

With Boston winter’s average temperature around 30 degrees and average snowfall of over 10 inches, the snowy season can be a shocker for a non-native like myself. But there are some easy things you can do to change your winter from “why do I live here!?” to “now this is the way to live!”¬†Survival tips first; if you’re a winter veteran, skip ahead to tips … Continue reading How to Survive (and Enjoy) a Boston Winter

Harpoon Brewery in Boston, MA

3 Boston Breweries to Check Out

Boston has a long and successful history of beer brewing, with brands like Sam Adams and Harpoon achieving national, even international reach. More importantly to most of us, we’ve got a lot of fresh beer in our stores, and at festivals throughout Boston. Mayfair, Oktoberfest, etc. almost always have beer gardens setup featuring local beers, and some of the larger brands even host their own … Continue reading 3 Boston Breweries to Check Out

Places to Volunteer in Boston

Kudos to you for your interest in volunteering! Boston has many volunteer opportunities (too many for me to list them all here, in fact). So I want to recommend a couple of sites that can help you find a more comprehensive listing of places to volunteer around Boston, and a few specific organizations I’d recommend. BostonCares – This site has a calendar of Boston volunteering … Continue reading Places to Volunteer in Boston

How to Find Events in Boston

Every day, dozens of events (professional, social, cultural, recreational) are happening in Boston. And while there’s no single site that aggregates all of them, there are definitely some go-to sites no matter what you’re looking for. Music & entertainment events in Boston Reflyer – An iPhone app for sharing photos of flyers, this is filled with local shows, many of which aren’t well-promoted online. Extra … Continue reading How to Find Events in Boston