Getting pizza in Central Square after Halloween fun.

What a weekend! Halloween and Boston’s first snow storm.

Rachel and another sugar-skull-masked partyer at The Middle East.

Those who are new to Boston got an early taste of what’s coming this winter, with a snow storm taking New England by surprise last night. “Mother nature has chosen trick over treat this Halloween and winter is coming early,” is the Mayor Menino money quote from the city’s press release.  I haven’t heard anything about the area directly around Boston having much loss of power, unlike the rest of the state, so Halloween fun seems to be humming along normally.

Monday still provides plenty of time for Halloween-themed pub crawls, ghost tours, costume parties, and concerts. Improv Asylym’s Halloween Show looks pretty good. Friday night was the big celebration for me; friends and I went out to see the always-excellent Love in Stockholm perform at The Middle East. This is a local band (complete with roots-celebrating song “Allston”) that does great funk rock, though Friday night they were covering songs from 1996.

The downside to having a great time listening to live music in Boston is the T. Headliners go on late, and encores finish well after the subway stops running. On big nights like the Friday before Halloween, music meccas like Central Square are filled with people trying to hail a cab — and all the cabs are already filled with people. If you find yourself in a similar spot, do what we do: find an open-late pizza spot, and wait it out. =) Happy Halloween!

Getting pizza in Central Square after Halloween fun.