Welcome to What To Do Boston

Jay NeelyHi, I’m Jay Neely. I moved to Boston eleven years ago from Georgia and started making a life for myself as a young adult. Coming from a small town, one of the reasons I like living in Boston is because there’s so much here. Businesses, places, people, events… it’s great but it’s challenging at the same time. I’ve started WhatToDoBoston.com to try and provide simple guides for people living in, visiting, or moving to Boston (meaning Somerville and Cambridge as much as Boston itself). Hopefully you’ll find it helpful, and I’ll have a good time exploring Boston even more.

Most of the site’s content is pretty organized; the blog is meant to be a more general channel for news, announcements, and personal updates on things I’m trying or finding interesting. Get updates by email, or add my RSS feed to your reader.