Polar Bear Plunge - Did this in Boston!

Started 2012 with a polar bear plunge. This will be a year of Boston adventures.

Polar Bear Plunge - Did this in Boston!
Photo by graceyheartphotography on Flickr.

Happy new year everyone! You know the year is going to be a good one when you start it with something you’ve never done before. After an excellent party at my friends’ new house, we groaned our way off couches and air mattresses into the car, and went to participate in the L Street Brownies’ Polar Bear Plunge – basically, a bunch of people at the south Boston beachside community center running into the freezing-cold ocean.

That’ll wake you up.

It’s the first time I’ve been grateful for the freakishly warm (for December) weather we’re having — I’m ready for a good snow, sledding on the Common, and snowball fights with /r/Boston. In the meantime, ice skating on the Frog Pond will have to suffice. I only have 6 days before my girlfriend leaves, so expect to see some “places for romance in Boston” posts coming up.

If you’re one of those who have signed up to get updates by email or RSS, thank you! What To Do Boston just got started in late 2011, and although I have a bunch of other projects that keep me busy professionally, I’m looking forward to adding more ideas for places to see and fun things to do in Boston.

If you’re looking for any particular ideas, let me know on twitter.