Slowing down as Boston gets colder

Boston Winter TransitionThough Snowmageddon is biding it’s time, hoping to catch us off guard, the temperature and early sunsets definitely have Boston in full winter mode. Pea coats fill the sidewalks, scents of hot chocolate fill the kitchen, and we’re all starting to ask a little more often if going outside for [insert activity here] is really worth it.

It’s funny, Facebook’s been rolling out these new “Timeline” style profiles that show not just your recent activity, but highlights from previous years. Every year, one of my most enthusiastic posts is something along the lines of “OMG IT’S SNOWING!!!1!!!1 =D”. Without snow, going outside in Boston is just a race to make it to the next heated building before your eyeballs start to ice over. It tends to but a damper on any eagerness to get out of the (very warm) house and do something fun. Especially since there aren’t many indoor public spaces.

But now’s the time to step it up. Learning how to combat winter doldrums is a coming-of-age ritual for new Bostonians. You’ve got to find those restaurants with a fireplace, switch your parties from outdoor beer-pong to indoor flippy-cup, break out the board games, and find a way to fill your home or some other space with the warmth of friendship (well, body heat really, but it’s kinda the same).

A couple of my friends host awesome “soup night” potlucks at their apartment. Another’s been home-brewing beer in his basement; looking forward to that New Year’s party. And once the students finish up exams and leave for winter break, my crowd will be back at Charlie’s Kitchen in Harvard Square, rocking a less-crowded karaoke night.

So, some more ideas to add to those tips on surviving Boston’s winter. Hope you find a great way to warm your winter.