Like a Boston business? See if it hosts events.

Voltage Coffee in Kendall SquareI went out to Kendall Square yesterday to catch up with a friend and check out Voltage Coffee. High ceilings, white walls featuring art, and a very laptop business crowd. A little too minimalist as a cafe for my taste, but the art was nice, and it turns out they host events. My girlfriend picked up a flyer and saw they’re hosting a live classical music breakfast concert next Thursday morning.

Now, I’m the type of person that loves finding a place I like and becoming a regular there. Diesel Cafe in Davis Square and the new Starbucks in Harvard Square are two of my favorite spots. Finding meetups, live music, open mics, or other events happening there is a great way to meet people in your area, bring friends to a spot you like, and support a business you enjoy.

So Rachel and I will probably go back to Voltage Coffee for a classy breakfast, and maybe see if some friends want to join us.